Energy Planning Analysis Tool


The Energy Planning Analysis Tool evaluates the potential implications of energy and technology choices in residential applications by analyzing the energy, environmental, and economic impacts of natural gas and propane end use technologies compared to electric alternatives. Through this evaluation, the tool provides evidence of the technical merits of direct fuel use as an affordable option for energy efficiency programs, building energy codes and standards, regulatory initiatives, or other areas of public policy.

The tool calculates and compares annual energy cost, source energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as criteria pollutant emissions, associated with site energy consumption by purchased energy form for alternative technologies providing the same energy services. Electric, natural gas, and propane applications are defined by user-selectable and default inputs for comparisons. The tool shows the potential energy, environmental, and cost benefits of replacing or buying more energy efficient equipment, comparing electric, natural gas, and propane alternatives, based on an annual snapshot or over a life cycle of up to 30 years.

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